One day while driving, I was listening to talk radio. It was a live call-in show about first-date experiences. It was hilarious, but there was one particular caller who got my attention. 

CALLER: I was listening to your show and wanted to call in and tell you about a recent first date I had that I will never forget!

RADIO HOSTESS: Please do tell!

CALLER: One of my friends had me set up on a blind date with this girl. He said, “You’ve got to meet her! She is incredibly beautiful. She’s smart, she’s funny, and I think you guys would have a great time.” We set the date and when I picked her up, I could not believe how gorgeous she was, and it seemed that we had immediate chemistry.

RADIO HOSTESS: Did she seem to like you?

CALLER: Oh, yeah! We hit it off immediately!

RADIO HOSTESS: Well, tell us what happened!

CALLER: We go to this great restaurant. The atmosphere was perfect. The food was fantastic. We are having a great time when it happened.

RADIO HOSTESS: What? Tell us!

CALLER: This gorgeous woman looks across the table at me and says, “Can I ask you something?” I said, “Sure! Anything!” She said, “You are a good-looking guy. I’m having a great time with you, but I have to ask you . . .” “What?” I said, “Anything!” She said, “I just feel like I can tell you that your nose hair is distracting. You’re so good-looking and if you would just trim those nose hairs you would be perfect!” 

RADIO HOSTESS: What did you say?

CALLER: Well, not much, but at that point, I decided the date was over and couldn’t wait to get her home. I couldn’t believe she said that!

RADIO HOSTESS: Can I ask you a question?


RADIO HOSTESS: Did you cut the nose hair?

CALLER: I sure did!

RADIO HOSTESS: You better go find that girl and marry her!

The idiom, “You can’t see past the end of your nose!” means that you think so much about yourself and what affects you that you do not see what is really important. 

In the case of the radio show, the caller could not see that his nose hairs were a distraction. He literally had a blind spot at the end of his nose. When the girl pointed out his blind spot, he was so offended by what she said that he could not see the benefit of having someone like her in his life. The interesting thing is that despite being offended, he took her advice!

I believe the effectiveness of your unique, God-given greatness will be dependent on how you deal with your blind spots … your ways of thinking, being, and doing that become limiting factors and make you stoppable rather than UNSTOPPABLE! 

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