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Keith Craft is a leadership transformationalist, he is also a world-renown speaker and author. He hosts CEO Masterminds around the country to help high-level business people personally grow and develop. Keith is a thought-leader and a peak-performance specialist with over 35 years of expertise in helping people reach their full God-given potential. In this podcast, Keith Craft will share how you can choose to Lead your life well through messages, personal thoughts, guest talks, with a combination of life and business coaching and an emphasis on spirituality.




Keith Craft released a new book in May called, Mamaw’s Tenets For Life. It is an allegory about his life and the life lessons his Mamaw taught him. There are 20 principles for a great life that can change your life forever/ You can get a copy of the special first edition on Keith’s amazon page by – Clicking Here

An audio version of the book & a new 2nd edition will be released soon!

Leadership Shapers Institute

We are currently in the process of releasing a new LSI opportunity with in-depth teaching and personal training. It will be announced here when that is available to the public. 


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Positive change will never happen if negative thinking is tolerated. (YDF P.93)

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