I feel most loved, when love is expressed,
By spoken words and deeds, in the midst of life’s tests.
Love is not to be silent, amongst the haters,
But to take a stand by speaking up, and choosing to be an Elevator.

I feel most loved, when I feel respected,
Respect is something you value, when you’ve been rejected.
Faithfulness breeds Trust and Trust breeds Respect,
Respect breeds Intimacy, and Intimacy breeds love with no regrets.

I feel most loved, when loyalty is shown,
When someone has your back, you never feel alone.
Loyalty is a great quality, of lovers indeed,
Every time someone proves loyalty, they plant a love seed.

I feel most loved, when I feel honor,
When honor is ascribed, it’s a divine sign and wonder.
To be made to feel special and that you are ALL THAT,
Is Divinely inspired, God-given Act.

I feel most loved, when someone sees my heart,
It’s then I know, that nothing can separate us apart.
To see into a heart, is a God-given capacity,
It inspires me to be who I am in God, with a spirit of audacity.

I feel loved, when someone wants me for me,
To be wanted for me, makes me want to be the best me I can be.
When you have God-given greatness, and you want to give,
The people who want what you have, make it possible for you to fully live.

I feel the most loved, when I am loved the way I need to be loved,
When you love someone they way they need, you have tapped into God’s over and above.
Great lovers don’t love people, they way they naturally love,
They find out what says, “I love you,” and their love becomes more than enough.

I feel most loved, by those who love me most,
It is thru their God-love for me, for God’s love I boast.
I have discovered God’s love, thru others who love me best,
I feel most loved, when I make God’s love my quest.

I feel most loved, when I think about what God did for me,
When He sent His Son Jesus, to die so I could be free.
His journey to the cross, was so I might discover,
Greater love hath no man, than he lay down his life for another.

I feel most loved, when God loves others thru me,
To be His hand extended, believing, seeing and giving generously.
So feeling love is more than what I feel at the end of the day,
I feel most loved, when I give myself away.