What Is the Keith Craft Mastermind Group?

The Keith Craft Mastermind Group is an ongoing gathering of like-minded business owners and corporate executives who share ideas, strategies, and challenges with each other for the purposes of inspiring opportunities and each other’s success.  It may be best thought of as a board of advisers, assisting you and others in making the best decisions possible – all through a Biblical worldview.

Is it right for me?

People join for different reasons. However, they all share one thing in common – a desire for more. They all have achieved a level of success but have a strong desire to go to the next level.  If you want to excel, grow, and raise-the-bar in every sense of life, then Keith Craft Mastermind might be for you.

What do I get with my membership?

Connections – Resources – Guidance – Coaching

We have all heard the adage “two heads are better than one” when it comes to solving a problem or fleshing out a new idea.  A person is often too close to a challenge to see the best solution.  However, imagine what a difference it would make having access to a permanent group of people – with a combined 200+ years of experience – who regularly meet to share, brainstorm, network, challenge, motivate, and encourage you and each other.

How often does the Mastermind Group meet?

Keith Craft Mastermind Groups meet eight times per year – about once every six weeks. Meetings are approximately 4 hours in length and include lunch. It is important members make attending meetings a priority, as the value of the group diminishes when members are not present. Member collaboration is encouraged outside of the meetings, as well.

Is the Mastermind concept new?

No. The concept of one surrounding him/herself with successful, big-thinking people is as old as the history of man.  In ancient Greece, the great teachers of the day – Plato, Aristotle, and Socrates – all surrounded themselves with those who would challenge their own thinking and expand their arsenal of possibilities.

In the book of Proverbs, King Solomon told us “Where no counsel is, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.” (Proverbs 11:14). Early American revolutionary leaders John Adams, Patrick Henry, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and others met in secret meetings to shape the future of our country. Their concept of a mastermind group culminated into what is now called the “Cabinet” and every President in our country’s history has had both a formal Cabinet and an unofficial group of advisers to guide and support them.

If you want to excel, grow, and raise-the-bar in every sense of life, then Keith Craft Mastermind might be for you! To sign up or for more information, fill out the form below!