“Favor is a divine, assigned, advantage for success.”Leadershipology.com

First, what is favor?
Favor is a divine, assigned, advantage for success. It is not happenstance but a treasure we find. Favor is the presence of God, that gives us the power of God to make the promises of God work in and through our lives for the good of God and man.

Second, why do we need favor?
The reason we need to increase in favor is because it is a divine, assigned, advantage for our success!

Third, how do we find favor?
Doing the expected is good, it brings blessings. But when we go the extra mile or know what’s in someone’s heart and do things before being asked, we find favor. A lot of people think that favor and blessing are the same things and they’re not. When we have the hearts to do more than we are asked to do, we find favor. It is not happenstance … finding favor in big things always follows faithfulness in little things.

Faithfulness activates God’s favor in your life and ultimately produces a fruit-full life! Therefore, stay faithful in your responsibilities as a servant leader – both at work and home. Have a joyful attitude in the middle of “life and its challenges.” Your boss may be unreasonable, your spouse insensitive or your child disrespectful, but the Lord and discerning people see your humble heart and will reward you with respect, rest and responsibility.

Follow God’s lead, you will find His favor indeed!

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