Insecurity will often keep you from respecting yourself. When you can’t respect yourself, you will have a hard time respecting others.

One of the greatest things you can begin to understand about respect is that it is a gift you give. Often times you may feel that respect is to be earned, but when you can truly respect yourself, you will learn that respect is a gift that you have the power to give others.

The following three things is your roadmap to respect.

  1. Faithfulness breeds trust.

Faithfulness is key to developing trust with another person. The more you decide to be loyal and dedicated to a person, the more you will foster trust between you.

  1. Trust breeds intimacy.

It trust is based on your ability to be faithful, your ability to be authentic (intimate) will be based on the amount of trust that you have with yourself or another person. The more intimate you are as a person, the more you are able to love. If you have the ability to be intimate, then you have the power to be real about what the problems are in yourself or a relationship. If you have the power to be real about a problem, you then have the power to solve the problem.

  1. Intimacy breeds respect.

If you respect yourself, you have the power to be unoffendable. The roof of your offense will stem from making another person’s opinion of you of greater importance than how you see yourself. If you respect yourself, another person’s opinion of you will not be more important than your respect for yourself.

In what aspects of your character could you use improvement? How can you lead yourself to elevate this aspect of your character?

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