Recently, I posed the question, “who are you?” to my staff. We are in the year of growth, so in order to Grow, you need to know who you are. Jesus not only identified who He was, but He was continually provoking people to understand who He was.

The power in knowing who you are drives your behavior. So, when you declare, “Here’s who I am!” …then you start to think that way and then you act on that belief of who you are. It may seem obvious, but do you really know who you are?

Here are four ways to get to know the real you…

  1. The key to know who you are is knowing WHO He is.(Matthew 16:13-18)
  1. When you know who you are you can know what you can do. (Philippians 3:3-11)
  1. When who you are is aligned with who He is, you will be unstoppable. (John 15:1-2, 4-5, 7-8)
  1. When you know who you are, it will help you know the Who’s you are to be aligned with.

Who you choose to align yourself with will determine your next level in life…whether you go up or down, get better or worse, move forward or move backward and most importantly find fulfillment or disillusionment.” –

Today, I am leaving you with my, I Am statements. I encourage you to create your own statements. When you uncover who you are, you will then know what you can do.

Who are you Keith Craft?

I’m a son of God…I’ve been given the glory of God by Jesus! I have a 1% in my DNA that no one else has ever had…evidenced by a fingerprint that nobody else has and I’m to leave an imprint that nobody else can leave!!!

I’m an odds deifier…I was pronounced dead with a sheet pulled over my head!! God resurrected me from the dead!

I’m a Warrior for God…I’m going to fight the good fight of faith until I breathe my last breath!

I am a natural born leader…called by God to live a life of discovering, developing and deploying my God-given potential so I can help others do the same!

I am a kingdom builder…I am generous beyond my means and live with a TO GIVE transcendent cause!

I am a Thought Leader…commissioned by God to help others elevate their thinking so they can elevate their life!

I am a best friend…constantly seeking to be my best so I can help being apart if bringing out the best in others!

I am an encourager…put on the earth by God to speak God’s Can Do strength into the life of others!

I am a Spiritual Father…raised up by God to be a “father’s voice” to all who believe they need a voice of a father!

I am a husband to Sheila…my goal is to make her the happiest woman on the face of the planet!

I am Josh, Keela and Whitney’s dad…who has learned how much God loves me by loving them and being loved by them!

I am passionate…I am intimate…I am a lover…I am a fighter…I am a dreamer…I am a visionary…I am a believer…I am a rainmaker…I am more than a conqueror thru Christ Jesus…I am a risk taker…

Finally, I am becoming…always in some kind of process that God is using to shape and mold me into his image!

Know who YOU are!

Adapted from my book, Your Divine Fingerprint. For more information, click here.
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