If Jesus were speaking to you right now, He’d tell you that He wants you to Get Fired Up! Why? Because…

… He gave His life for you.

… your sins are forgiven.

… by His stripes you are healed.

… the tomb is empty.

… it is not just about what happens to you in life but what happens through you in life.

… there are things in life that will dissuade and discourage you – making you feel down and get you focusing yourself, others, and what is not working.

… He died so you could have life and life more abundantly!

Jesus wants you to remember what He did for you and Get Fired Up!

Get Fired Up!

There’s a place where settling is easy.

There’s a place where being ok seems to be just to be ok.

There’s a desolate place where you’ll be tempted to set up camp, and never climb your mountain.

Never see that horizon, your promised land beneath.

But there’s a voice calling in the desert. Calling you on.

There’s a spirit that’s awakening, the souls that are yet undone.

There’s a breath from God breathing life to dry bones!

There’s a spark looking for a heart, ready, to be set… on… fire.

From discouraged to motivated. From indifference to zeal.

From complacency to passion, from disillusionment to taking hold of what’s real.

There’s a fork in the road! A place of decision, there’s a mind to be made so what will it be?

Will you answer the call? Will you pack up or go home?

Are you ready for the challenge? What will it be?!

I’ll grow up to go up, reject passivity, embrace resistance. I’m a warrior in training!

Don’t speak normal, think normal, don’t feel normal or be normal. I don’t want anything in my life to ever be normal!

There’s one way to get tough, do the things that don’t come easy.

So that you can become what you would never become.

Will you stir up the passion? Will you fan the flame? Will you wake up your soul? Get yourself back in the game!

You know you’ve been hit! You may be cast down, but the Lord is your strength, he’s the one with the crown!

So pour fuel on the amber, set fire in my bones! Spirit of God, burn in my soul!


I have passion! I’m awakened!

I have fire in my bones!

My history doesn’t define me!

Destiny is mine for the taking!

I won’t be held back!

God is with me! God is for me!

I won’t be afraid! I won’t back down!

God, I put my hands in your hands!

I’m letting you spark the flame!


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