Favor is a divine, assigned, advantage for success.

 Favor is not happenstance but a treasure we find. Favor is the presence of God, that gives us the power of God to make the promises of God work in and through our lives for the good of God and man.

The Bible doesn’t say that Jesus grew in “blessing”, but it does say He grew in FAVOR! So if Jesus needed to grow in favor so do we!”-Leadershipology.com

To GROW in favor we have to….

Discover the Secret. What is the secret? When you do more then you are asked to do you bring favor upon yourself.
Develop your Mercy Quotient. When you choose to see the best in others by overlooking their worst…you bring favor upon yourself.
Deploy your more. God doesn’t favor certain people. He favors people who certainly favor His principles.” –Leadershipology.com

Desire to please God more than yourself. He is happy to favor those who so love Him. He wants to protect you, connect with you and guide you.

Based on the, Favor of God series message titled, “How to Grow in Favor.”  For more information, click here.
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