Have you ever heard the phrase, “Fight fire with Fire”?

Chances are you have. It means to respond to an attack by using a similar method as one’s attacker. That was what Shakespeare was referring to in King John (written in the mid-1590s):

Be stirring as the time; be fire with fire;

Threaten the threatener and outface the brow

Of bragging horror

In other words, he was saying to match aggression with aggression; to meet violence with violence. But that is not God’s way.

God wants us to Get Fired Up and fight fire with fire … but in a way, that glorifies Him. In Romans 12:11-21 (NIRV), Paul outlines how we should do this:

11 Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive. Serve the Lord.

12 When you hope, be joyful. When you suffer, be patient. When you pray, be faithful.

13 Share with God’s people who are in need. Welcome others into your homes.

14 Bless those who hurt you. Bless them, and do not call down curses on them.

15 Be joyful with those who are joyful. Be sad with those who are sad.

16 Agree with each other. Don’t be proud. Be willing to be a friend of people who aren’t considered important. Don’t think that you are better than others.

17 Don’t pay back evil with evil. Be careful to do what everyone thinks is right.

18 If possible, live in peace with everyone. Do that as much as you can.

19 My friends, don’t try to get even. Leave room for God to show his anger. It is written, “I am the One who judges people. I will pay them back,”(Deuteronomy 32:35) says the Lord.

20 Do just the opposite. Scripture says, “If your enemies are hungry, give them food to eat. If they are thirsty, give them something to drink. By doing those things, you will pile up burning coals on their heads.” (Proverbs 25:21, 22)

21 Don’t let evil overcome you. Overcome evil by doing good.

When we Get Fired Up and fight fire with fire in this way, we can lead those who are against us to Christ.

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