A lack of passion for any area of your life is due to a lack of vision. Where there is no vision there is no passion.” –Leadershipology.com

Your Vision is your picture of the future you want. Vision drives Passion. For example, if you feel you have lost your Passion in your marriage, then go back to the Vision you originally had for your marriage.

Your Vision is . . . your Vision. What you see is what you will get! When you Develop your Vision and Passion, you can begin to understand what it means to be UNSTOPPABLE!

An important Vision question: What do I see in my future?
An important Passion question: What energy am I willing to put forth for what I want?

Successful development is a process that influences a person to take aim. It puts one’s uniqueness on a course toward achievement.

What steps are you going to take to ensure you have a clear vision for your future and how much energy are you willing to put forth?

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