God-fidence: an assurance of mind and a firm belief in the heart in the reality of God and possessing the courage to become completely who God has called you to be and do what He has called you to do.” –Leadershipology.com

When you are grateful, your “default” settings will be reset. Default settings are the boxes that people place you in – or you place yourself in – which put you on the default side of life. Don’t limit yourself. You are the son/daughter of the Most High God. Too often times we do not understand that it is not about money, ethnicity, or where we came from … but it IS about who God put us on the Earth to be.

You were created by design, not default, to live a life by design and not default!” –Leadershipology.com

Your default settings NEED to be reset. You live either by default or design. Most of us were raised by default. When you are living on the default side of life, you hope good things happen. But when you live on the design side of life, you take action to make the right things happen.

Gratitude helps you to reset your mind to think positive and not negative. Negativity and positivity are a choice. How you Think, is how you will Be. Your Think, Be, and Do determine what you Have in life. In other words, what you think…you become. God’s Word tells us in Philippians 4:8-9 that if we think the best, we will become the best.

Choose to Think positive, not negative. Be grateful and Do reset your default settings. Then, watch the doors open, watch good things happen in your life!

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