“Your Always and Forevers will always determine your Nevers” – Leadershipology.com

I know God loves me and has a great destiny for me…so Always and Forever, I’ll walk by faith and never by what I see!
I know what I believe, that God wants me to be blessed…so Always and Forever, I will never not seek to BE my BEST!
I know what matters most to me, it will be my lifetime quest…so Always and Forever, I will choose to never settle for less!
I know the WHO’s that matter most to me, the ones who are the LOVES of my life…so Always and Forever, I will honor them and never settle for strife.
I know my 1% and what God has put me on this earth to do…so Always and Forever, I will never hold back, but seek to allow God’s glory to flow freely from me to all my YOUs!
I know God is for me, I am a SPECIAL treasure to Him…so Always and Forever, I will never lose because God will help me Win!
I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I know Who holds the world in His hand…so Always and Forever, on Christ the Solid Rock I will stand!

From the Forever series message entitled, “How to make God’s Forever your Always and Forever.” For the full message, click here.
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